An under-tapped market advantage: Bondora’s hiring story with TalentGrid’s remote developers in Turkey

An under-tapped market advantage: Bondora’s hiring story with TalentGrid’s remote developers in Turkey

Key takeaways:

  • Bondora needed hiring senior remote developers and expand their engineering team fast
  • TalentGrid shared the first batch of pre-vetted candidates within days on automated platform
  • Bondora was able to save a significant amount of time and effort that goes into candidate search and selection
  • They hired 4 senior remote developers in Turkey in just a few weeks!

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Peer-to-peer lending platform Bondora

Based in Tallinn, Estonia, Bondora is a peer-to-peer lending platform that empowers people to live the life they want without stressing over money. Bondora makes investing more accessible by wiping out the complexities of the investment world and helping users earn reliable net returns with the help of its personal financial services.

The company’s platform makes investment in European non-bank personal loans easier, faster, and safer with its growing community of 200k+ investors, extensive expertise in the investment field, and sophisticated technology that helps you identify and select attractive investment opportunities. By making their services easy to use and readily available, they serve over 1 million customers worldwide to help them reach their financial goals.

How TalentGrid Helped Bondora Hire Software Developers Fast

The problem: Bondora needed to expand their engineering team fast

Bondora was looking for software developers who’d be willing to work remotely or relocate to Estonia. As they were searching for engineers with specific expertise while also trying to hire for multiple roles, one of the challenges they faced was handling a high volume of candidates with limited resources and tight deadlines.

Considering the extensive amount of time and effort that goes into headhunting, screening, and selecting suitable candidates, it was quite difficult for them to handle all the workflow on their own. That’s when the TalentGrid recruitment team got to work right away, keeping Bondora’s needs and goals in mind!

The solution: Hiring with the help of TalentGrid

  • With Bondora’s needs and criteria in mind, TalentGrid was able to deliver the first batch of suitable candidates within days.
  • TalentGrid provided all the necessary information about the local taxation system, candidate expectations, available locations, and expertise, and demonstrated a clear understanding of Bondora’s ideal candidate profile.
  • Their assigned Talent Partner, who acted as an objective mediator between the candidates and Bondora, was actively in touch with both parties, walking them through the recruitment process step by step so that Bondora could handle the process without giving any extra effort.

The outcome: Hired 4 senior remote developers from Turkey in just a few weeks

With TalentGrid handling the screening, pre-vetting, and verification processes, Bondora was able to save a significant amount of time and effort that goes into candidate search and selection. The platform’s interface made it much easier to keep track of the stages within the hiring funnel, clearly measuring the progress at each stage.

The opportunity to directly move the candidates to the next stage on TalentGrid’s platform was something Kerli Rask, Recruiter at Bondora, also appreciated:

“I really enjoyed the communication on the platform where I could give the comments as well as move candidate’s profile to a different stage with one click. I also saw the pipeline size, and how many candidates were verified from TG’s side which was very useful information for us.”

(C) Kerli Rask, Recruiter at Bondora

The opportunity: Future of hiring with TalentGrid

With remote work becoming an inseparable part of our lives, many companies have shifted from traditional office environments to dynamic asynchronous workspaces. With the mission of making hiring borderless, joyful, and efficient, TalentGrid has been one of the greatest supporters of remote work.

TalentGrid opens doors to new opportunities by acting as a bridge between talented developers and tech companies. How do we do that? Our growing community of 40K+ developers from Turkey, matching technology and extensive expertise in those regions help us find the developer you’re looking for fast and seamlessly.

All you have to do is:

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  • Pick the candidates you want to proceed with, leaving the rest to TalentGrid!

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