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Harun BaşBackend Develope, Vivense

Throughout my matching process with Vivense, TalentGrid partners made my life so much easier.
We were in constant communication and I could get instant and detailed information about the process. The communication was very positive. I was very pleased with the whole process.

Hakan BilginSenior Software Engineer, Zeplin

Being matched with Zeplin when I wasn't actively looking for a job, I was able to spot a very exciting opportunity I would miss otherwise. The communication was very open, friendly and professional throughout the whole process.

Esra AltıntaşSenior Frontend Developer, Wamo

I was not actively looking for a job but was matched with the remote Front End Developer position at Wamo. It got my attention as it was an exact match with my criteria.
Our communication with the TalentGrid team was very transparent at every stage, it was very reassuring.

Selim YalınkılıçFrontend Developer, Shopier

TalentGrid team has been very helpful and supportive in all steps of the process. I started my job at Shopier in a very short time. Being matched according to my expectations and skills has saved me a lot of time.

Yunus Emre PalaiOS Developer, Pixery

TalentGrid's communication was different from other recruiting companies in the industry. I’m very pleased to be placed in a company and position that meets my expectations so well.

Mehmet Adil İstikbalSoftware Engineer, Whole Surplus

After creating my TalentGrid profile,I was matched with the Software Engineer position at Fazla Gıda in just a day. I received a job offer within 15 days, including the whole process.
TalentGrid was a partner that really understood me and I was able to exchange ideas throughout the process.

Mustafa Kaan ÜnlüSenior iOS Developer, Bundle

Thanks to TalentGrid, the matching process with Bundle was very fast and clear.
Cansu, the Talent Partner who managed the match, was also very helpful. I was able to be very open to her about my expectations and have been able to communicate well throughout the process.

Oğuzhan KarabulutBackend Developer, Prisync

Thanks to TalentGrid, I found out about a position that matched my profile and expectations perfectly. It grabbed my attention so I decided to go ahead with it. The Talent Partner Busra was very attentive and helpful.

İbrahim Ethem ÇalışkanFull-Stack Developer, istegelsin

I had a very positive experience with TalentGrid during the matching process with a position at İstegelsin. TalentGrid was a great partner and I got very fast feedback from them. I would definitely recommend it to all other developers.

Barış ÖzerLead İOS Developer, Kunduz

I joined TalentGrid with the referral of my software developer friend İbrahim.
I was matched with the iOS Developer Lead position at Kunduz within a week.
With TalentGrid, the recruitment process is very fast and easy. TalentGrid constantly supported me throughout the process. I have been matched with a company and position that is well suited to both my skills and criteria, requiring minimal time and effort.

Ayyurt DüzenDevops Engineer, Prisync

We were in a strong, energetic and selfless communication with TalentGrid from the beginning to the end. Later I found out that this incredible dialogue was not only with me, but also with the company I was interviewing for, which also made me happy.
Unlike a traditional recruiting process, I received professional and sincere support and was very pleased with the whole matching process.

Muhammet ÇakırSenior Backend Developer, Scorp

I get contacted about job opportunities from different platforms every day but when I got matched with Scorp on TalentGrid - the company I matched with was exactly in line with my expectations.
During our meeting with the TalentGrid Talent Partner, we openly talked about my expectations and the profile of the company. My recruitment process was completed in a very short time.

Mert PekdüzgüniOS Developer, BuyBuddy

When I got matched with BuyBuddy, I was very pleased that TalentGrid got back to me in a very short time and gave detailed information about the process.
In addition, the TalentGrid team was very attentive and helpful throughout the entire process.

Cem G.Android Developer, Kunduz

The process of getting matched and meeting with the Kunduz team was very easy and effortless.
Our communication with Talent Partner Cansu on the TalentGrid team made the process even easier for me. TalentGrid is a platform that I would definitely recommend to all developers.

Gökhan HınçalSenior Backend Developer, Bundle

I had an easy and smooth process with TalentGrid. I was very pleased with how much they accounted for my expectations and with the level of openness in our communication.

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Since the day we were funded by Y combinator, we've been in search for a team that can help us build a globally successful product. During this period, we tried all kinds of methods common among startups. TalentGrid by far has been the most effective partner in finding us great talent matching the exact skills we’re looking for and fitting our culture, and saving us a lot of time.

Başar BaşaranCEO, Kunduz

Global tech companies expand their developer team with TalentGrid as they scale their success.

Zeynep DanacıBusiness Operations Manager, Zeplin

Expanding our engineering team to meet a global product standard comes with different challenges. Our partnership with TalentGrid made this process so much easier. Talentgrid sends us talent that matches our expectations - but beyond that - their expertise, fast turnarounds, dynamism and attentiveness has made them an important partner to us as we scale our company.

Kemal UğurCo-Founder & CEO, Pixery

TalentGrid understood our criteria and culture at Pixery very well and sent over perfect matches. For the iOS Developer vacancy, we successfully filled the position with 1 of the 3 software developers we got matched with. The conversion rate was great.

Eren SoyakCo-Founder & CEO, Lifemote Networks

We were very pleased with our process with TalentGrid.
The candidates we got matched with were very aligned with the profile we were looking for. The feedback of the TalentGrid Talent Partner following her pre-screening about the candidate’s suitability for our team and the role saved us a lot of time. TalentGrid is a critical partner for any venture aiming to grow their tech team.

Samet AtdağCo-Founder & CTO, Prisync

At Prisync, growing our tech team with the right talent has always been our top priority. Working with TalentGrid has made this process so much easier. The best part of working with TalentGrid is the constant communication and the team's efforts to constantly improve the process with our feedback.

Doruk GeziciCo-Founder, Gamer Arena

As we scale rapidly at Gamer Arena, we were very satisfied working with TalentGrid in adding the right talent to our software team. Working vigorously until we find a perfect match, TalentGrid team made our lives easier and saved us a lot of effort/time.

Ege AkpınarFounder & CEO, Pointr

At Pointr, growing our engineering team with the right talent is vital to the success of our global projects. With TalentGrid, we have included top engineers to our team in various positions including iOS, Android, Full-Stack. The process was very easy, fast and successful for us. We are very pleased with our partnership with TalentGrid.

Erkmen ErakkuşCo-Founder & CEO, Kompanion

Our experience with the candidates we interviewed were very aligned with TalentGrid’s opinions about them. I can confidently say that we are very pleased that TalentGrid understands our needs well.

Erdem GelalCo-Founder, ProceedLabs

Unlike the recruitment agencies we worked with in the past, TalentGrid enabled us to reach candidates fully matching the profile we were looking for. Every candidate we interviewed already had a great knowledge about our company and our team.

Burak SekmenCo-Founder, Shopier

The candidates matched and suggested by TalentGrid were very close to the profiles we were looking for in terms of technical skills. We interviewed 2 of the 3 matched candidates for the Frontend position and progressed to the assessment stage. Both were candidates we could make offers to. This is a really good rate. We are very satisfied.

Bekir Eren DursunCo-Founder & CTO, Wamo

We are a high-growth start up in payment services with disruptive technologies, growing globally. As we scale, the most important and most difficult challenge for us is adding talent that are a right fit to our culture - particularly for software and product teams. When TalentGrid's innovative approach caught our attention, we wanted to give it a try and our engagement turned into a long-term partnership.

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