How TalentGrid helped Lyrebird Studio to scale their team with extensive talent pool in Turkey

How TalentGrid helped Lyrebird Studio to scale their team with extensive talent pool in Turkey

Key takeaways:

  • Lyrebird Studio was hiring for niche roles with extensive experience in Turkey
  • TalentGrid understood their ideal candidate profile, selecting, assessing and evaluating the potential candidates for both cultural and technical fit
  • Lyrebird Studio saved a significant amount of time and effort that goes into candidate search and selection
  • They hired 4 tech talent in Turkey, including a Product Manager, Backend Developers and an Android Developer.

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A leading global mobile app developer Lyrebird Studio

  • Founded in 2011
  • Mobile app development company with the mission of turning photography into a creative tool through accessible mobile applications.
  • Helps people choose their own ‘lense’ of looking at the world around them, coloring it the way they want with the help of creative user-friendly tools.

From focusing on a few various photo editing applications to developing products that cover a wide range of different formats and media, Lyrebird Studio transforms life into a creative adventure.

With over 1.5+ billion installs across Android and iOS and 50+ live products on the market, Lyrebird Studio continues to inspire artistic curiosity through visual storytelling.

Lyrebird Studio - Mobile Development Company

The problem: Lyrebird needed to hire for hard-to-fill roles in Turkey

As Lyrebird Studio was hiring for difficult roles, such as senior Android and iOS developers, they experienced the shortage of talent for their open roles in Turkey. Some of Lyrebird’s key requirements for the role included:

  • Extensive experience and problem-solving skills
  • Open-mindness and ability to learn new things quickly as prerequisites in addition to other requirements

After having to work with a few different HR agencies, Lyrebird observed a repetitive behavior pattern when it came to working with 3rd parties. The companies they had worked with wouldn’t fully understand Lyrebird’s requirements and needs, missing out on a specific set of criteria for candidate screening and selection. However, things were different with TalentGrid.

The outcome: Successfully hired new teammates for their development and product-related roles

Despite Lyrebird’s unfortunate experience with 3rd party recruitment companies, they kept searching for external professionals to help them with technical hiring. That’s when they came across TalentGrid, who already had established a community of 40K+ developers in the regions they were hiring for and expertise in tech recruitment. Considering these advantages, Lyrebird decided to give it a shot and work things out as they continue with the recruitment process.

As Lyrebird kicked off their hiring with TalentGrid, they were impressed with the practical and fast approach of TalentGrid’s team:

  • Once Lyrebird’s criteria and role requirements were set, the assigned Talent Partners got in contact with potential candidates to assess their cultural and technical fit.
  • Once verified, the profiles of the most suitable candidates were then passed onto Lyrebird, where they conducted in-depth interviews with the developers.
  • To ensure the smoothness and transparency throughout the hiring journey, Talent Partners were in continuous communication with both parties, measuring progress at each stage of the recruitment process.

Impressed with the speed and practicality of the recruitment process, Lyrebird extended their hiring with TalentGrid to product-related positions as well, getting access to a wider pool of potential candidates. Here’s what Veysi Akbulut, Human Resources & Administrative Affairs Manager at Lyrebird Studio, has also shared:

Compared with other recruitment firms, the quality of candidates TalentGrid shares is considerably higher. For example, in the past, out of 50 candidates, we’d arrange meetings with only one or two of them, whereas TalentGrid sent us four candidates but the meetings were scheduled with 3 of them, so the success rate is significantly higher.”

(C) Veysi Akbulut, Human Resources & Administrative Affairs Manager at Lyrebird Studio

The opportunity: Future of hiring with TalentGrid

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