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Non Profit Organizations

Associations, institutions and organizations aiming to generate social impact in access to education, equality, participation in the workforce and many other areas

A social initiative that trains software developers in Turkey

Non-profit organization that trains software developers in war affected & conflict zones

A blockchain project aimed at providing scholarships to students

Institutions and Companies

Entities with which we share a common passion towards helping companies and individuals access better opportunities

Global payroll solution which helps businesses hire anyone, anywhere.

Turkey’s largest scholarship platform

Content Producers and Dev Communities

Content producers and communities that focus on individuals who produce value-added content, focusing on software developers

Mobile software development and innovation community

Podcast channel that hosts companies selling products & services from Turkey to abroad

Podcast channel exploring how tech companies develop software products in Turkey and around the world

A community of developers interested in Google technologies

Podcast channel and community that produces content on the software industry in Turkey

One of the most important values of the software developer community that we create as we code is to grow not by competition, but by cooperation. Today, Turkey lags behind Europe in the number of software developers per capita. We are on our way to close this software developer gap by growing three times every year, and this year alone, we will train nearly 2000 young people in our bootcamps. However, the mission of making our country a talent center in the field of technology is greater than any organization can handle alone. Therefore, we are very happy that we will continue our way stronger with a sharing initiative like TalentGrid, where our culture is 100% compatible.

Gülcan YaylaCo-Founder & CEO, Kodluyoruz

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