Tech recruitment made easy: Property Technology Solutions’ 10+ successful hires with TalentGrid in Turkey

Tech recruitment made easy: Property Technology Solutions’ 10+ successful hires with TalentGrid in Turkey

Key takeaways:

  • Property Technology Solutions (PTS) was hiring multiple tech talents simultaneously across software development and design with Turkey as a focus region
  • The challenge revolved around finding candidates who had experience with specific technologies PTS was asking for while also trying to keep the balance between junior and senior candidates
  • Since speed was an important criteria for PTS, several Talent Partners were assigned to different roles to speed up the hiring process
  • As a result, TalentGrid helped PTS hire 10+ professionals for mobile development, backend development, full-stack development, data science and business intelligence roles.

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Tech startup in a commercial real estate space, Property Technology Solutions B.V.

  • Founded in The Netherlands
  • On a mission to reshape reality through the development of property and commercial real estate solutions
  • Fast-scaling startup with new promising projects on the way

The problem: PTS wanted to hire and scale the team fast, but needed extra help and support in Turkey

As PTS has entered the scale-up phase, they worked with multiple recruitment partners to support their growth and help them with hiring needs. After some time, PTS realized that they weren’t hiring at the speed they initially planned and, therefore, required more professional help from someone who already had the necessary expertise and had established a potent presence in the Turkish talent space.

With the strong foundation in Turkey, PTS was already familiar with the quality of candidates that could be achieved in Turkey and the abundance of talent in that region. Having clear goals in mind, PTS joined hands with the leading tech recruiter in that space – TalentGrid.

As PTS were hiring across the development and designer roles, some of the challenges they faced were the following:

  • The Fullstack role required candidates to have knowledge in Frontend, Backend and Mobile, making it harder to find suitable candidates who meet the criteria
  • Experience with specific modern technologies that focus on enterprise applications was also among the requirements for the roles they were hiring for (in case of absence of such experience, PTS were willing to give additional training to those who were motivated and eager to learn)
  • Had to find the right balance between hiring junior and senior candidates
  • Finding professionals who’d be willing to take a proactive approach to decision-making and take initiatives

Due to these binding constraints, PTS decided to expand their search horizon and open roles across Frontend, Backend and Mobile development.

The outcome: Mobile, backend, data science, data analysis, UI/UX – 10+ members joined Property Technology Solutions’ tech team!

As PTS was hiring for multiple roles across design and software development, they were particularly interested in finding suitable candidates in Turkey, which is famous for its abundance of tech talent. With clear goals in mind, speed was one of the key factors PTS considered when choosing a recruitment partner to support their growth.

TalentGrid’s established presence and expertise in the tech recruitment space, especially within Turkey and CEE regions, played their role in helping PTS find a reliable recruitment partner to expand their team.

As the recruitment process with PTS kicked off, TalentGrid team got to work right away:

  • High Speed: Since speed was an important factor for PTS, several Talent Partners were assigned to different roles to speed up the process
  • Strong Communication: Talent Partners were in constant communication with the hiring team at PTS, quickly responding to any questions or requests
  • Company Dashboard: A collaborative environment was established between the two parties, where they could share and oversee all the details, candidate reviews, notes, and conversations all in one place.

Hiring for multiple roles simultaneously requires sharing a lot of information and data regarding each candidate at each stage of the recruitment process over a variety of different channels. This dense exchange of information results in communication traffic, requiring people to spend extra time searching for that email with candidate notes or looking for the message containing interview details.

Things are different with the TalentGrid platform.

There you can access all the candidate notes, hiring stages, pre-vetted candidates and additional recruiter feedback all in one place!

“Most recruitment companies don’t even offer a dashboard, an online environment like that where you can track all the hiring progress and see what’s happening. So, that’s already a huge plus” © Dave Schoonbrood, Owner and Managing Partner at Property Technology Solutions B.V.

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