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Our new report is live! State of AI for Software Developers Report 2024 Read it now→

How To Write an Outstanding React Developer Resume

February 11, 2022

Do you ever feel like giving up after getting rejected by your dream company just because something was missing on your CV? It can get demotivating to apply over and over again. Let us help you nail your React developer resume with our guide to help you stand out from the rest of the candidates.

This guide includes five simple but effective steps you need to take when reflecting your expertise to the recruiter. You might possess the skills and the experience required for the React JS Developer job, but if you’re missing on the right tone and delivery, things may not turn out the way you want them to be.

But worry no more. We’ll cover several important resume sections recruiters look for when reviewing your application with additional tips and tricks on resume layout, formatting, and design. You’ll also find a real-life React Developer Resume example, which you can use as a benchmark to make your own resume, paying extra attention to common resume red flags.

React JS Developer resume sections that make the best layout

react resume
  • As for the resume formats, there are three most commonly used formats:
    functional, reverse-chronological, and combination (hybrid).

    • Functional resumes focus more on skills rather than professional work experience. This resume format is most commonly used by career changers, students, or less experienced job seekers.
    • Experienced individuals prefer reverse-chronological resumes whose focus
      is on their work experience and achievements, valuable experiences, and quantified results.
    • Combination (hybrid) resumes are a mix of functional and reverse-chronological formats, drawing equal attention to both work experience and skill-set sections. This format can be used by career changers, entry-level candidates as well as experienced individuals. Hybrid resumes generally have double-column formats, where one column is focused on work experience, whereas the other column addresses the candidate’s skills, strengths, and achievements.

Now let’s dive right in and check out these 5 critical steps you need to take to prepare a well-crafted React Developer Resume:

1. Introducing yourself in CV

  • Use a clear CV(Profile) title: You need to pay attention to the profile title that recruiters see right after your name. Making sure your title is targeted and reflects who you are as a professional is a key to communicating your area of expertise and current (last-held) job title.
  • The importance of first impression (spelling): you have a limited time to make an impression, so use this time wisely to catch recruiters’ attention by using keywords to describe your work experience. Highlight the technologies you work with while keeping a formal and confident tone. If your resume doesn’t catch the employer’s eye within the first 5 seconds, you will most likely be left out of their “top” candidate list.
  • Avoid clichés: avoid choosing overused jargon that can potentially weaken your resume. Examples to leave off your resume include bottom line, value adds, synergy, and others.
react resume

2. Being specific and transparent in education & work experience sections

Your resume’s education and work experience sections are crucial for standing out. However, don’t exaggerate them as it can lead to mistrust and cost you a job.

For the section related to the work experience, try using action verbs and keywords in the job description of the position you’re applying for. Use specific examples to quantify your experience and build credibility. Moreover, keeping the work experience descriptions concise saves recruiters a substantial amount of time, letting them filter out the information they are looking for without reading the resume line by line.

Use skill-related keywords in the education section to demonstrate that you have the qualifications required for the job.

Suppose your educational details are not relevant to the job role. Be transparent about your relevant educational background and certifications when applying for a job.

3. Creating an error-free resume

It is crucial to make sure your grammar and spelling are correct before submitting your resume. Even a single mistake can result in lost opportunities, creating a negative impression on the hiring executive/manager. Therefore, meticulously read your resume before finalizing it to wipe out any possible mistakes that could potentially drain your reputation.

4. Paying attention to the skills required for the React.js developer role

See how you stack up with these 6 essential skills for React developers.
If you are a Junior developer, you may not need to know all the technologies.

HTML + CSS: No front-end dev is a stranger to HTML and CSS. The ability to work with and craft user interfaces is necessary to every organization.

JSX: JSX is a shorthand syntax for rendering components in React. It is similar in appearance to HTML.

JavaScript Fundamentals + ES6: You can’t rock React without a firm understanding of the fundamental concepts that the JavaScript language provides, but these ES6 skills are also essential.

Redux: Redux is an open-source JavaScript library for managing and centralizing application state.

react developer resume

5. Being active on platforms

Being active on platforms like GitHub (project management & documentation), TalentGrid, and StackOverflow (devs community helping each other out)

Additionally, being active on GitHub and StackOverflow can increase your visibility to engineering professionals and open doors to new job opportunities. Join projects, competitions, and challenges to expand your skills and connect with others.

Whereas TalentGrid is a platform used by software developers who are actively looking for jobs, allowing them to share their preferences and salary expectations with employers worldwide (with just a few clicks!). TalentGrid is open to developers who want to explore matching job positions in the tech market.

TalentGrid streamlines job search by centralizing tech job information and reducing stress.

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