Our new report is live! State of AI for Software Developers Report 2024 Read it now→

Our new report is live! State of AI for Software Developers Report 2024 Read it now→

We raised $400.000 to create more meaningful matches between companies and tech talent

March 21, 2022


TalentGrid has raised a pre-seed round of funding of $400,000 from a number of valued angels. Our angels include founders, entrepreneurs and remote work enthusiasts who all believe that hiring should be effortless and borderless.

As a 2.5 years old bootstrapping company, we felt it was the time to make this leap forward into growing our reach in new geographies. We aim to expand our software developer network further into Central and Eastern Europe by continuing to grow relationships in countries such as Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, and Poland. We are also accelerating product development, and making the matching process for both companies and software developers even faster and more streamlined.

Why are we working on this mission?

We believe hiring doesn’t have to be so painful and time-consuming. Having sat on both sides of the table, we felt the hiring inefficiencies and limitations needed to be reassessed and addressed.

TalentGrid creates meaningful matches between companies and technical talent in an efficient and joyful way – without any geographical borders.

How does TalentGrid work?

TalentGrid is a platform that matches technical talent from countries like Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria with companies based on their skills and expectations. What sets Grid apart is that we prioritize the developers in the process. Their profiles are unlocked to companies, only if they opt-in to meet them.

As a result, developers only meet the companies that match their needs and wants.

Relying on a community of developers and our own matching algorithms, we’re able to scale the headhunting effort of companies.
This gives us a significant pace in finding the right match. Our Talent Partners support the companies throughout the hiring process, keeping the human touch with candidates with prior chats and constant contact.

This makes the process much more seamless for companies.

Why now?

  1.  The number of technology startups have increased by more than half in the last decade. The biggest priority of almost every company at the founding stage is building their product. And technical talent are typically the first hires of companies. With the increased competition, founders and business leaders can no longer afford the long hours spent on hiring.They need a more efficient solution that makes hiring fast and seamless.
  2. Remote working is clearly becoming the new norm. Now that we all see remote working does work, employees don’t want to go back to the office and prefer remote-only jobs when changing.Demand for software developers being so high and remote becoming the norm, geographical barriers no longer make sense. 

What does success look like?

If we’re successful, we would have made hiring borderless, joyful, inclusive and efficient for technical talent and companies.

This would have been possible by the thousands of developers from all over the world in our community, our matching algorithms that maximizes the match accuracy, our clients who hire great talent regardless of their location, and our incredible TalentGrid team.

And here’s our wonderful distributed tribe creating wonders working remotely.


Nevzat Aydın, Orkhan Abdullayev, Kıvanç Semen, Thomas Regier, Ference Brose, Mehmet Yılmaz, Joshua Cornelius, Tolga Önal, Kıvanç Müçek, Selçuk Gerger

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