How Thomas Murray easily hired 6 developers

with TalentGrid in Turkey

Thomas Murray hire developers in Turkey with TalentGrid

How Thomas Murray easily
hired 6 developers

with TalentGrid in Turkey

Thomas Murray hire developers in Turkey with TalentGrid

Key takeaways:

  • Thomas Murray was looking to hire developers in Turkey
  • TalentGrid understood their ideal candidate profile and shared two batches of pre-vetted candidates, with six of them passing the probation term
  • Thomas Murray was able to save a significant amount of time and effort that goes into candidate search and selection
  • All six candidates who passed the probation term got hired and joined the team at Thomas Murray!

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A global risk intelligence company Thomas Murray

  • Founded in 1994
  • Provides custody rating, risk management, research, and information in the global securities services industry
  • Helps risk professionals and decision-makers build secure and resilient organizations
  • Has extensive expertise in risk management with over 25 years of experience
  • Serves banks, funds, and capital market entities in 100+ markets

The problem: A mismatch between the skills offered by developers and the candidates’ actual knowledge

As Thomas Murray was hiring globally, they faced the challenge of finding candidates who would meet their criteria and job-related requirements.

  • Some of the information the candidates provided, such as years of professional work experience, was inflated
  • Recruiters had to conduct ten interviews for one position just to find out that the information provided on paper and the candidates’ knowledge didn’t match.
  • Through trial and error, they realized that to find the most suitable candidates quickly, companies have to either rely on their own candidate database for potential fits or work with a 3rd party with extensive expertise in that area.

During one of their recruitment rounds, Thomas Murray decided to expand their search horizon and dive into the large Turkish talent market. Rather than testing the waters themselves, Thomas Murray relied on the professional experience and knowledge of the TalentGrid professionals, saving a significant amount of time and effort.

The outcome: All six candidates passed the probation term and got hired

  • After a meticulous screening and pre-vetting, TalentGrid shared two batches of suitable matches with Thomas Murray
  • Professionals at Thomas Murray conducted more in-depth interviews with those candidates
  • They were pleased to see that TalentGrid understood their developer needs correctly with a clear picture of their ideal candidate profile.

As a result, six candidates got hired, significantly speeding up the recruitment process, and here’s what Yuri, IT Director at Thomas Murray, has also shared:

“It’s a rather unusual experience for all six candidates to pass the probation term. Very pleased with the tedious work TalentGrid has done. “ © Yuri Kruglov, IT Director at Thomas Murray

The opportunity: Future of hiring with TalentGrid

With the high-paced digital transformation, employing the best tech talent has become more critical to companies now than ever before. Yet, attracting talented developers, especially top senior developers, can be extremely challenging, given the fierce competition for talent.

We’ll help you find the developer you’re looking for fast and seamlessly with the help of:

  • Our continuously growing network of 40.000+ tech talents from Turkey
  • Our matching technology
  • Extensive expertise in our region

Our dedicated Talent Partners, who act as objective mediators between the candidates and companies, are actively in touch with both parties, walking them through the recruitment process step by step. They carefully analyze the company requirements, matching you with suitable candidates within our talent network. The opportunity to work directly with the matched candidates was something Yuri also appreciated:

“It’s the hidden work of the Talent Partners to preselect those who would match the requirements upfront that made this process easier and faster. I really appreciate that.”

As we send only verified developers to your company for consideration, you can hire in 15 days, as much as four times faster than you would with internal recruiters.

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